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Posted on: 11/17/2014 9:17:00 PM

CNC machining accuracy must be guaranteed by the assembly precision, design, assembly and commissioning take very important proportion in the machine tools manufacturing. The shape and position accuracy of Shenyang Hermos CNC machining workpiece is less than 2μm, thus the importance of the assembly is obvious. To this end, the assembly of the machine developed a detailed scientific program, with a flat, angle, V-shaped blocks, square tube, deflection instrument, such as the seizure and laser interferometers, optical collimator meter inspection, each part installation strive to near-zero error for the goal, assembly accuracy is much higher than the national standard.


Installation of the spindle is an important as well as a difficult part in the process of CNC hard turning lathes machine tool assembly. Special tools must be designed to install the bearings. Bearing preload amount is calculated based on the grinding force, a certain amount of preload is to ensure sufficient rigidity spindle.


For the important rail junction of surface CNC machine tools, the scraping is a necessary step when we assemble the grinder. After scraping contact with precision requirements of the rail junction, 20 points or more precision is required, as for other contact surface, 10 points is required at least. In many workshops, in order to improve the efficiency, some grinder manufacturers cancel the scraping step, which will cause bad vibration, insufficient rigidity and accelerated wear and tear and other problems due to the use of the contact area of ??the bonding surface of the mechanical processing method. Small contact area will reduce the damp, and increase vibration tendencies in CNC lathe hard turning tool at high speed. The contact area is small, which will also make an important bearing surface wear faster, indirectly affecting the machining accuracy.


Thought always decides the height, and the details determine success or failure! Since we have determined the import substitution goals, we must pay most attention to the detail. Since the assembly is to determine the performance of the machine foundation work, Shenyang Hermos will do the best with zero error in assembly, and we will finally catch up with the level of Japan and Europe.


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